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Perfectly moist chicken breasts

Turn your boring breast fillets into juicy mouthfuls of joy every time!

Let’s talk about BSCBs (boneless skinless chicken breasts). Some say boring; I say a perfect blank slate for any flavour profile you care to add. They may not be the most inspiring of offerings in the butchery; but they are the dieter's best friend and are jam-packed with lean protein and are perfect for low GI, Keto, carb free or Paleo diets. They fill up a hungry kid or adult's tum during lockdown lunchtime and are perfect to slice into a sandwich or wrap, top a salad or a pasta dish. Here is a tried and tested recipe to maintain the moisture in the meat and that can be tweaked by varying the seasoning for example adding some smoked paprika and cumin for TexMex or five spice powder for an Asian twist.

INGREDIENTS: 2 Chicken breast fillets Maldon salt Freshly ground black pepper A few pinches of dried or fresh mixed herbs 1 tablespoon cooking oil. Squeeze of lemon - optional Large saute pan with a tightly fitting lid

METHOD First you will need to slice your chicken breasts horizontally into two thinner escalopes. Cover them with parchment or a plastic bag and bang them to a uniform thickness with a rolling pin or even the bottom of a heavy jar.

Heat the pan with a little oil to a medium-high heat, season the breasts and then fry on one side for a few minutes until golden in a single layer, flip the chicken and squeeze over the lemon juice if using. Put on the lid and turn the light down to low and leave to cook in its own steam for ten minutes. If your lid is a little loose, cover the pan with foil before putting on the lid to form a good seal. Do not be tempted to lift the lid or look at the chicken as the steam will escape and the chicken will not cook. Turn off the heat and leave for an additional 10-12 minutes without lifting the lid. If you are at all worried you can check that the chicken with an instant read meat probe thermometer which should register at 73c. Serve immediately or allow to cool and store in the fridge for up to three days.

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